A day in Barcelona

It’s been a long time since I last wrote about Barcelona, actually I almost haven’t written anything about this city at all. It seems easier, after visiting some other place, to write and post photos from the trip as I am full of impressions and experiences. But, when you live somewhere, things change a little bit. After a while, you stop looking at it through the eyes of a tourist and, as time goes by, you start calling it home. Then, after some more time, you stop noticing main tourist attractions and they become a part of your every day life. How many times have I passed Gaudi’s Casa Battló on my way to work and never looked at it. Instead, in my head I was cursing a group of tourists that were blocking the street. How many times have I forgot this city had a beach or didn’t want to go to there because “water is so dirty”, “it’s so crowded” and, my favourite sentence “city beach isn’t the same as a normal one, you can never be quite relaxed there”. And it was me who said it, a person who always dreamed of living in a coastal town and considered Barcelona the perfect city.
Anyway, I can’t deny that, in spite of all the bad things this city has, there are moments when it literally takes my breath away. That’s when I realise, by watching the city and the Mediterranean under the Sun, everything that troubles me isn’t really important.
I wanted to show you this city I live in and all its main tourist sites. I’ll probably show you Barcelona from a less touristy angle some day, but at the moment enjoy your visit of tourist Barcelona.

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