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  • How I made my dining room perfect

    How I made my dining room perfect
  • The most instagrammable places in Paris

    The most instagrammable places in Paris
  • Roermond dressed in autumn colours

    Roermond dressed in autumn colours
  • Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

    Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

How I made my dining room perfect

I don’t think I have to explain how much I love to travel, I guess it’s all clear by now. I am a kind of person who enjoys the unknown and loves to discover new places, meet new people and learn foreign languages. I dream about traveling to new places all the time, and even when I can’t go somewhere far, I love to make a short trip to a nearby city and explore it. Traveling makes me feel alive and free.When we moved to the Netherlands, I got obsessed with framed city maps and hung 5 of them in my… View Post

The most instagrammable places in Paris

Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful cities and the most instagrammable places in the world. There are so many things to see and do there that you would probably need a year just to be able to get to know it better, visit its main attractions and try the local food. To me, Paris has always been a perfect city, a place from a fairy tale with its gorgeous architecture and romantic bars. I’ve always dreamed of living there some day, even just for a couple of months. I would wake up every day and look at the Eiffel… View Post

Roermond dressed in autumn colours

I have to admit that, during last six months, I haven’t been as inspired and motivated as before and that’s why I didn’t write and post content like I used to. And it’s not that I didn’t want to write and travel, rather the opposite, I daydreamed about faraway destinations and guides I’ll write some day. But my life has changed a lot in the last months so I had to make some important decisions. And now I’m writing this post from the Netherlands, the country I was so afraid of as my future home. And now I don’t know why… View Post

Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

“Ibiza became popular in 1960 and 1970s, when children of wealthy parents discovered the island and decided to live here independently and far from their parents. And do you know how the famous and oldest night club Amnesia was founded? It was the house of one of those rich people who started to organise parties for his friends. Over time, more and more unknown people came to these parties and would drink all the drinks, so he came up with the idea to start charging, and eventually the house turned into a night club.”, said David, the owner of a small, but… View Post

What if I told you could buy my sweets?

No, I´m not kidding. I have been selling my cakes and cookies for three weeks now. Or even longer! I always liked making cakes but, in fact, I never thought of selling them some day. And I’m happy that my cakes are sold in a place where they care so much about healthy living and organic ingredients. At Organika, all salads, pizzas and drinks, even alcohol, are organic. And my cakes, of course. I am very happy because the reviews are very positive and a lot of people is starting to like healthy food. This fills me with hope that in… View Post

Caramel cheesecake, a perfect cake for hot summer days

Since  I opened my eyes this morning I’ve been feeling an irresistible desire to travel, to wander the streets of unknown places until I don’t feel my legs, to photograph interesting buildings and passersby, to find on every hill a perfect spot overlooking the city and to taste the most famous sweets of every place I visit. The one who travels is happy, the one who visits different continents,  Machu Picchu, the one who surfed in Australia, visited the pyramids in Egypt, dived in Bali, drank coffee in Italy and spent a day in Manhattan. That person is happy and rich. Travelling gets us… View Post

Guilt-free chocolate chia pudding

Do you regularly exercise? I realy hope you are not looking for excuses to skip going to the gym or jogging. I’m a very dynamic person and I get bored easily so going to the gym without any special plan of exercising means I’ll try to skip it. But, going to a group class is a different thing. First of all, the time flies so fast when you are exercising in a group that you hardly notice it and more importantly, after this kind of training I really feel like I exercised. These trainings are normally in the evening so I’m… View Post

Irresistible chocolate pralinés with cocoa butter

I want to write about it, I start writing, then I stop, I read what I wrote and then, dissatisfied with the result, I delete everything. I write again, read and delete…I’m not satisfied because it is difficult for me to find the right words to describe that perfection which helped me so many times to deal with stress and sadness. Yes, I’m talking about chocolate, as you can all imagine. Nowadays we can easily choose what to eat and buy and we have such a variety of choice, but big companies, in order to earn more money, start to offer… View Post

Strawberry and banana smoothie

Spring is here and we can see the changes in the nature everywhere: the sky is blue, trees are green and a mild wind is blowing. Even though in some parts of Barcelona there is no such a huge difference in the nature between winter and spring, there is some special energy that comes with spring and everything starts to look prettier and better. Just before the spring comes, lots of people decide it’s time to eat healthier, to include more fruits and vegetables in their diet and to start exercising so they can be ready for the bikini season. I… View Post

Divine Snickers cake

Today I went back to Amsterdam. I’m so in love with that city that I often return there and wander its streets in my thoughts. I watch the buildings and I get transported to XVII century Amsterdam, I’m trying to imagine how it looked like back then while I’m trying to avoid the cyclists who are coming towards me without any intention to slow down. And then, when I get tired of wandering the streets, I go to a small vegan café with a huge shop window that overlooks the canal and I enjoy a huge piece of vegan Snickers cake. Mmm, what a… View Post