About me


Hello everyone!
My name is Jovana Kostic and I’m so glad we meet here. Last couple of years I have been thinking of starting a blog about travel and healthy recipes in order to share everything I lived during my trips with my family and friends who live far from me. I have always been an active person, and I love to travel, explore, daydream, take photos, learn new things and get to know new people and their culture and customs.
I have such a big list of things I want to do and visit, that I think one life is not enough for that. I talk too much so I guess it’s normal I speak four languages although I often ask myself if my sentences are grammatically correct and I’m often unaware of the language I used when I said something. I’m currently living in Barcelona but who knows where I’ll go next.
The sweet part of this blog will be a collection of recipes I made or changed someone else’s in order to adjust them to my taste and you can also adjust them to yours. Just don’t count calories, don’t be afraid to explore, to change, to live. I have to say I’m not a nutricionist so if you have any kind of food allergie, please ask your doctor before making the recipes.
This blog will also be a gallery of photos and videos from my trips and I’ll also try to publish interesting and useful posts about food or travel.
I hope you’ll enjoy reading the texts as much as I enjoyed writing them and that I’ll see you often in My Sweet Mundo.

See you!