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  • How I made my dining room perfect

    How I made my dining room perfect
  • The most instagrammable places in Paris

    The most instagrammable places in Paris
  • Roermond dressed in autumn colours

    Roermond dressed in autumn colours
  • Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

    Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

Her majesty, Venice

When you come to Venice, the former center of the powerful Republic of Venice, you have the impression that you went back in time. It is a an amazing and unique city built on 118 islands, 170 channels and connected with more than 350 bridges. It is not a surprise that it is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world together with Paris. Its largest and the most famous canal, the Grand Canal, divides the old part of the city into two parts and a dozen of the most beautiful palaces in the city are situated along its sides. Wandering the streets of Venice, you will often… View Post

Healthy hazelnut butter pancakes with banana sauce

Sunday mornings are for sleeping until late and eating great breakfast. And also for doing lots of great stuff you don’t have time for during the week. Like taking long walks, or riding your bike or traveling somewhere…Sundays are magical days! Speaking of doing something cool today, I’m so ready to take my bike and go to the beach. I love looking at the sea and the perfect blue sky. It wipes my troubles away. Sometimes I love Barcelona so much but, I have to admit, sometimes I feel so bored here. I know you will call me crazy, but I guess it happens… View Post

Healthy hazelnut and almond granola

Granola is something I always like to have in my kitchen. It’s delicious, healthy and great to combine with all sorts of ingredients. You can combine it with overnight oats, chia pudding, yoghurt, milk and fruits. Even when I travel, I bring a jar of homemade granola with me to have for breakfast cause you never know what kind of breakfast you’ll have in your hotel. Sometimes there are some healthy options, but sometimes you can only have bread, croissants or cakes and that’s really not something I’d eat for breakfast. Better safe than sorry, I always say. Even if I… View Post

Forty-three seconds of paradise

How many times have you heard people call a place “paradise on earth”? This expression usually refers to islands in the Caribbean Sea, their  turquoise sea, white beaches and cloudless sky. Unfortunately, I have still not had the opportunity to visit the Caribbean, but I also think there is no need to go that far in order to find paradise. There are so many magical places also in Europe, that one life is probably not enough to visit everything. Today, I wanted to spend forty-three seconds with you in a  place called Imerovigli, one of the towns on the cliffs of… View Post

Overnight oats with banana, hazelnuts and almonds

I can’t understand people who don’t eat breakfast because they are not hungry or they don’t have time in the morning. I simply can’t. Ok, we all sometimes oversleep and then rush out of the house forgetting coffee, breakfast and who knows what else. I hope this doesn’t happen so often to you, because I know from my experience how bad it feels . Another reason for skipping the breakfast – because you are not hungry in the morning-never happened to me.  As soon as open my eyes, I am hungry and I need to eat something. Actually, I’m always a… View Post

Paris will always be…Paris

Paris. The city of light. The city of love. There is no person in this world who hasn’t fallen in love in it. Or with it. Paris is an incredible city, so beautiful and elegant that takes the breath away. It is so rich in history, museums, monuments and parks that it is so difficult to decide where to start your visit. Luckily, I have visited Paris a lot of times in my life and I have impression there is something that makes me return there and explore it from a different angle every time. That city always succeeds to take my… View Post

Two days in The Eternal City

The Eternal City, the capital of once mighty empire, is the city that 2000 years ago had a population of over 2 million people. It is the city full of history, a mighty city on the banks of the Tiber river, the capital of Italy. Rome is like an Italian guy on a Vespa, impeccably dressed, relaxed, wild… Needless to say why you must visit Rome, there are as many reasons as the remains of The Roman Empire, and its beauty is hard to overcome. Although we both had visited Rome in the past, we were convinced we will fall in… View Post

A mix of old and new in the Portugal capital

Portugal is a country I wanted to visit for a long time and Lisbon, its capital, from other people’s stories seemed incredibly attractive. This city, so many centuries old, the capital of a former colonial power which expanded from Africa to Brasil and further to India, was built in order to show power and wealth of its former kings. Lisbon enchants with an incredible mixture of old and new, its former wealth and poverty from the 20th century, still present on every step you make. Researchers agreed that first people in this area lived in the 6th century BC, but the… View Post

Santorini, a magical island in the Aegean Sea

When I say Santorini, I think of the white and blue colors. White, the color of small houses and hotels situated on the cliff above beautiful Aegean Sea and the blue, the color of the sea and clear Greek sky. Santorini is one of the islands you dream about all your life but never truly believe you’ll visit. It is an island associated with luxury, newly weds on their honeymoon, taking photos in front of white churches with blue rooftops or tanning next to turquoise swimming pools in their luxurious villas on cliff with wonderful view of the volcano and beautiful… View Post

Cashew cake with coconut cream

„Life is short, eat the dessert first.“ Jacques Torres   I needed something sweet today, some creamy yet healthy cake to eat without guilt. When you like sweets as much as I do and you are 30 and something, you realize that large amounts of sweets aren’t good for your body, health, and aforementioned guilt. It happened so many times that I didn’t eat anything sweet for a long time, and then, in the moment of weakness, I eat enormous quantities of chocolate and destroy all the efforts to live healthy. It doesn’t make any sense, I know. About a year and a… View Post