How I made my dining room perfect

How I made my dining room perfect

I don’t think I have to explain how much I love to travel, I guess it’s all clear by now. I am a kind of person who enjoys the unknown and loves to discover new places, meet new people and learn foreign languages. I dream about traveling to new places all the time, and even when I can’t go somewhere far, I love to make a short trip to a nearby city and explore it. Traveling makes me feel alive and free.When we moved to the Netherlands, I got obsessed with framed city maps and hung 5 of them in my living room. I have two maps of Paris, and one of Amsterdam, London and New York. And that’s not all. After my last trip to Paris, my obsession with that city continues, so I had to get something even better, a wallpaper with the Eiffel Tower that will remind me of Paris all the time. And I got this beautiful wallpaper from Photowall I immediately fell in love with. Before, my wall only had a clock that you can see in the photo, but the wallpaper gave it a complete makeover and makes such a perfect feature wall giving my room a clean minimalist look as it looks like a black and white drawing.


Photowall a Swedish company with a huge selection of wallpapers, wall murals, canvases and posters and the biggest problem is to find the right one, cause you’ll want to have at least 5 of them if you are like me. When you actually decide which one you love the most, you’ll receive it very fast (I received mine in 2 days). Hanging the wallpaper might look like a complicated process, but actually it’s very easy and fun. Photowall made it a piece of cake. I received the material (a brush, a pencil, a level, a roller, a scalpel and a plastic smoother) and the glue. Everything came together with the wallpaper which had marked sides up and was marked with numbers so we don’t mix up the pieces.

I find their wallpapers much easier to put on the wall than a regular wallpaper (we put one in our bedroom about a month ago and struggled a lot with matching the papers) but with Photowall wallpaper we didn’t have to think abut that as all the parts were already matched, we just had to put them next to each other.

I’m still surprised when I enter the room how much difference it makes. I think a well chosen wallpaper for a feature wall in a room is the best thing you can do for your house. It makes such a difference and gives personality to your home. I hope I’ll enjoy my feature wall for many, many years.

My wall with the wallpaper.

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