Clermont-Ferrand in 48 hours

Welcome to Clermont-Ferrand, the city which is, I guess, unknown to many of you. At least I can say that when I mention its name French people look at me in a strange way and can’t believe I once lived there and non French people usually never heard of it.
Some time ago I saw a video Clermont-Ferrand in 48 hours made by the Tourist Organization of the city and I felt nostalgic. It’s been almost 7 years since I left this city where I lived for a year. This video reminded me of the days spent in Lecoq Garden where I used to come and have a picnic on Sundays with my flatmates because it was right next to the building I used to live in. It reminded me of the black cathedral made with volcanic stones which is the symbol of the city, of Puy de Dôme, the highest volcano of the chain that surrounds the city and can be seen from every part of the city. The tram I used to go to work with every day is painted red as it is the color of lava and the place I used to drink coffee in spring and summer was right under the statue of Vercigentorix who defeated Romans in 52 BC. I hated so many things about Clermont but most of all the loneliness I felt for the first time while living there. I guess that’s why I never liked Clermont very much.
This video took me back to when I lived in Clermont and it brought only beautiful memories so I decided to share it with you and show you this city in the central France, in Auvergne región, city with 150,000 people, the city where Blaise Pascal was born, the industrial center of the region and also one of the oldest cities in France. I hope you like it.

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