Amsterdam from my perspective

More tan 100 km of canals surrounding the city center shaping it like a horse shoe, buildings that look like Gingerbread cookies, tall and narrow with huge windows, hundreds of bykers that pass you by not caring about running you over, romantic atmosphere, smell of marihuana, cloudy sky and thousands of tourists, Amsterdam, the beautiful city in the North-West of Europe is all that. Relaxed Dutch people will let you peek into their homes as no one seems to care about curtains, you’ll understand that bicycles always come first because you’ll be more scared of them than of cars, you’ll see lots of barber shops or shops selling shoes which are cafés at the same time. You’ll see so many contrasts, different people, bicycles, cheeses, tulips and you’ll be surprised by the mix of the old spirit of the city from the XVI century and its new and modern vibe which makes it more modern than the majority of European capitals. I tried to turn my four day visit to this beautiful city into a video and I hope you’ll like Amsterdam from my perspective.

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