Santorini, a paradise on Earth

Santorini, a paradise on Earth



-You know, I made a wish, I told him. I wished for this moment to last forever, I wished we were lost in time and stayed on this island forever, like two unknown passengers caught on a postcard.
He didn’t reply but he moved closer to the fence of the terrace we were sitting on, enchanted by the blue colour of the sky and the sea.
-Do you think we will ever come back here? I asked him.
-Of course, he replied. One day, when we are 60, we will rent a room in a hotel with the most beautiful view over caldera cliff  and live, one more time, the magic of Santorini.

-And until then? I asked again.
-Until then, we’ll search for magic in other places, write new pages and live every day like it’s the last one, he replied, looking like he was already making a plan for some new adventure.
I looked at him and then at the blue colour in front of me. The plan was made. The island will be here, it will patiently wait for us to come back so it can greet us one more time and offer us another unforgettable experience.
And until then? Until then, there are some other islands, mountains and cities waiting for us, new places to discover and fall in love with. Until then, there are thousands and thousands of blank pages, waiting for us to write them.


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