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  • How I made my dining room perfect

    How I made my dining room perfect
  • The most instagrammable places in Paris

    The most instagrammable places in Paris
  • Roermond dressed in autumn colours

    Roermond dressed in autumn colours
  • Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

    Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

Healthy and incredibly tasty chocolate

 Who doesn’t like chocolate? Very few people, I guess. If I could speak for all the women in the world, I would say no one. Is it possible not to like that perfection that has so many times helped us to get over a failed exam, love crisis or a bad day at work? But I know there are girls and women out there who just don’t share my love for chocolate and that’s ok. Some people just don’t like sweet taste and some just avoid it because of so many times mentioned guilt, so common to women and which doesn’t… View Post

Crunchy oat bars with coconut spread

I try to live every day to the fullest, and I normally spend as much time as I can outside. That’s why I always need to have some kind of snack with me, because I don’t like to buy those “healthy” bars full of sugar, artificial flavors and  preservatives. Bars are usually the most practical as they are easy to carry and they keep me full for a long time. They are also great to accompany with a cup of coffee and they are a perfect snack at work. They fill you up with energy in a moment. That’s why I… View Post

Easy hazelnut butter

I just love hazelnuts. There is something about that perfect taste that every time surprises me. I put hazelnuts in everything: granola, overnight oats, shakes, cakes and bars.  I have loved hazelnut spreads like Nutella since my childhood and, as a child, I was unable to imagine other breakfast than a slice of bread with Nutella. Unfortunately, the majority of hazelnut chocolate spreads nowadays are full of sugar and have a really low percentage of hazelnuts. In general, they all get the taste from artificial flavors. You get to understand that once you taste the real spread made of actual hazelnuts… View Post

Date latte

Summer is almost over and it makes me a little bit sad. Weekends at the beach, swimming and sunbathing will soon be over. But, it also makes me happy as autumn is a kind of a new start, a starting point to change your life, to start jogging, find a new job or spend an entire day under a blanket watching TV, and drinking hot chocolate when it’s raining outside. Before summer officially ends, I want to enjoy it just a little bit more, to spend some more time at the beach and enjoy sunrays on my skin. In my mind,… View Post

Mango and banana smoothie

The sky is pretty strange today, not completely cloudy nor clear. It is one of those days when you need a little extra energy to boost your mood, when you need more fruit and bright colors. Is there anything better to boost your energy at the beginning of autumn than a bright yellow mango smoothie? It’s like summer in a cup, if you ask me. Mmmm, as good as it gets. When I first tasted mango, I didn’t like it so much. I found its taste similar to the taste of parsley. I guess this will sound strange to all of… View Post

Hazelnut milk with dates

I used to adore cow milk and I was able to drink up to 1l a day. Every single day. It usually wasn’t milk alone in my cup, but small amount of filter coffee mixed with huge amounts of milk. Very similar to Starbucks coffee, which I like very much, even though many people think of it as overrated, unhealthy and overpriced. I agree they can put various unhealthy additions such as different syrups and artificial flavors, and this way Starbucks coffee easily reaches the amount of calories of a whole meal. But, you can always opt for simple Caffe Latte, consisting… View Post

Raw date almond bars with cocoa powder

Couple of days ago I was walking with a friend and came across some raw bars in a supermarket. They inspired me to make this simple recipe because it happened so many times that I spend the entire day outside and get hungry, so my blood sugar gets so low that even after I eat, I need a couple of hours to feel better. I understood that I would always need to carry a snack with me so I can raise my blood sugar immediately when it gets low. Normally I choose something that is easy to carry, like cookies or,… View Post

Overnight oats with banana, chia seeds and walnuts

Autumn has already begun but it is still very warm here, almost like at the beginning of June. September is, in my opinion, the best month in Barcelona. Weather is still great but there is no heat like in July or August so you can still go to the beach, or, if you don’t like swimming so much, enjoy riding a bike or running. The best thing about Barcelona is that the sky is clear during most of the time so you’ll literally want to spend all your time outside which can have its drawbacks, because you will not be in… View Post

Homemade Nutella

I can easily say that I changed my eating habits because of Nutella. One day I was googling how to make homemade Nutella and I found lots of food bloggers who were writing about healthy recipes, healthy lifestyle and the way of introducing more vegetables into your diet. That’s when I decided to change and start making healthier meals because my health is the most important thing to me. About a year and a half after that, I created this blog in order to share all the recipes I’ve gathered and invented that I think could be useful to all of… View Post

Visiting Lisbon

Sometimes words are simply not enough to express all the colours, energy and the spirit of a place we are visiting…That’s when we turn to photography in order to represent better the beauty, authenticity and specificity of a city and its surroundings. View of Lisbon, Sao Jorge castle and the river Tagus One of the symbols of Lisbon, tram number 28 as a souvenir at Praça do Comércio square Famous tram number 28 View of the city and Santa Justa elevator Dom Pedro square Entrance to the roman theatre Paintings in the streets of Lisbon Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point… View Post