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  • How I made my dining room perfect

    How I made my dining room perfect
  • The most instagrammable places in Paris

    The most instagrammable places in Paris
  • Roermond dressed in autumn colours

    Roermond dressed in autumn colours
  • Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

    Three days in Ibiza, a dream or reality?

Vegan strawberry cheesecake for all the people in love

You will recognise true love immediately, in the first smile and the sparkle in his eyes. The true love will never look for excuses, you will recognise it by the strength it gives you to keep on moving. The true love will help you get through the most difficult times, standing by your side, holding your hand tight and keeping you from quitting. You will understand each other without a spoken word, when your eyes meet their look will tell you how they feel and their silence will speak more than hundred words. Your true love will always be there, ready to… View Post

Creamy almond butter

So long awaited New Year has finally arrived. Some of us entered it with a lot of noise and broken glasses, wanting to make very clear they are ready for new challenges. Others were shy and whispered their hopes and desires to the New Year, fearing they could scare it away or offend it if said out loud. Whether we want to admit it or not, New Year’s Eve represents a new hope to all of us, a chance to reset all the bad things that happened. It’s a chance for a fresh start and the opportunity to become better and more… View Post

Santorini, a paradise on Earth

  2/07/2016 Imerovigli -You know, I made a wish, I told him. I wished for this moment to last forever, I wished we were lost in time and stayed on this island forever, like two unknown passengers caught on a postcard. He didn’t reply but he moved closer to the fence of the terrace we were sitting on, enchanted by the blue colour of the sky and the sea. -Do you think we will ever come back here? I asked him. -Of course, he replied. One day, when we are 60, we will rent a room in a hotel with the… View Post

A day in Barcelona

It’s been a long time since I last wrote about Barcelona, actually I almost haven’t written anything about this city at all. It seems easier, after visiting some other place, to write and post photos from the trip as I am full of impressions and experiences. But, when you live somewhere, things change a little bit. After a while, you stop looking at it through the eyes of a tourist and, as time goes by, you start calling it home. Then, after some more time, you stop noticing main tourist attractions and they become a part of your every day life.… View Post

Hot chocolate with hazelnut butter

Do you know what  snow  smells like? No, it’s not just the smell, it is a mixture of scents, colors and a special holiday mood when it looks like you are magically transferred to one of the typical villages from Christmas cards. It smells like snow when it’s so cold outside that everyone is in a hurry to get home, when it smells like wood in the fireplace and when decorated Christmas trees greet us from the balconies. The smell of snow for me is the smell of happiness and childhood, it makes me nostalgic and I start thinking of a far away town and… View Post

Homemade Nutella inspired tarts

Recently, no matter how many times I explained to people my Christmas wasn’t on December 25th but in January, everybody properly wished me a Merry Christmas on December 25th. So, in the end, I decided to reply:”Thank you!” to their “Merry Christmas,” without further explanation. After several years of living abroad, I think all of us, more or less, get accustomed to the holidays of the country we live in, and begin to celebrate them together with our own. That’s why for the last couple of years, I’ve been celebrating Christmas twice a year and I wouldn’t feel good if I didn’t… View Post

Healthy carrot cake with cashew cream

Ever since I was a child, I refused to eat carrots even though everybody kept saying how good it was for eyesight, how Bugs Bunny loves carrots, how the rabbits we had adored it. In vain. I never wanted to taste it. I’ve never been crazy about vegetables, which is pretty bad, I know, everybody keeps repeating that to me. I perfectly understand it, the only problem is I can’t bring myself to eat some things, no matter how healthy and good they are. But, I found a way to smuggle some vegetables through the recipes and make myself eat them. You’ve… View Post

Best wishes for the New Year from Barcelona

Hello my dears, The last day of this year has finally arrived. On this day we all think of the year upon us and make wish lists and New Year’s resolutions for the new year we all have been waiting so much. Generally, all the wishes have been around for many years, going from one year’s to the next year’s list, because they seem so big, that we don’t know anymore from where to start to make them come true. It is so normal, in the era of consumerism, that we all wish for unrealistic things, that we usually forget about the… View Post

Homemade Ferrero Rocher inspired balls

Did you notice how, as we approach Christmas and New Year’s Eve, all brands start their marketing campaigns to make us shop more and buy our presents exclusively in their shops. Everywhere we look we see glittery decorated shop windows, full of shiny things and pralinés boxes. For some people, December is one of the most beautiful months; everything is shining in a new way, people are nicer and happier because of the upcoming holidays and time they are going to spend with their families. On the other hand, this is a stressful period for some, as, due to long working… View Post

Coconut raspberry spread

I never liked coconut very much nor I liked cakes with it, I even didn’t like Raffaello. As homemade Raffaello was one of the cakes my mother used to make on our Saint patron’s day, she always had to make it without coconut because no one in my family liked it. In the end, our Raffaello always turned into white chocolate balls with hazelnut inside, and we all loved it. Some time ago, since I’ve changed my eating habits, coconut became an essential part of my diet. First, I started to use coconut oil, then coconut sugar and then shredded coconut. I… View Post