What if I told you could buy my sweets?

What if I told you could buy my sweets?

No, I´m not kidding. I have been selling my cakes and cookies for three weeks now. Or even longer! I always liked making cakes but, in fact, I never thought of selling them some day. And I’m happy that my cakes are sold in a place where they care so much about healthy living and organic ingredients. At Organika, all salads, pizzas and drinks, even alcohol, are organic. And my cakes, of course.
I am very happy because the reviews are very positive and a lot of people is starting to like healthy food.
This fills me with hope that in future we will not have so many health problems caused by malnutrition.
If you read my blog, I imagine you are interested in eating healthy food and maybe some day you would like to try some of my cakes :). That’s why I have made a small presentation of each of them so you can see all the ingredients and the final product.
You can buy them at Organika, a very nice place with a spectacular terrace, also pet friendly with very friendly waiters. Organika is in 17 Tuset Street, a few meters from famous nightclub Sutton. You can order the food directly at the restaurant or online on their website: https://pizzaorganika.com


Coconut energy balls

Foto: Jovana Kostic

Energy balls made with almonds, dates and coconut fill the mouth with a mild flavour of almonds and coconut.


Hazelnut energy balls

Foto: Jovana Kostic

Energy balls made with dates, cashews, hazelnuts and pure cocoa, irresistible, sweet and soft with a taste of dark chocolate.


Salted caramel energy ball

Foto: Jovana Kostic

Energy balls made with dates, cashews, almonds and Himalayan salt, an interesting combination of sweet and salty flavors.



Foto: Jovana Kostic

Made with dates, nuts and pure cocoa and covered with dark chocolate, this cake will combine perfectly with a latte or a cup of black coffee.


Nutella tart

Foto: Jovana Kostic

Here’s something very special, a soft, creamy cake flavored with toasted hazelnuts and pure cocoa, with a crust made with almonds, agave syrup and coconut oil and a cream made with hazelnuts, cane sugar and coconut cream. You will love it!


Cashew tart

Foto: Jovana Kostic

An interesting tart made with cashews, agave syrup and coconut cream with almond, agave syrup and coconut oil crust will surprise you and fill your mouth with an irresistible flavor.


Chocolate muffins

Foto: Jovana Kostic

Muffins made with two types of flour, buckwheat and spelt and covered with dark chocolate, perfect for breakfast, snack or just  as a dessert with a cup of coffee or tea.



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  1. June 10, 2017 / 2:36 pm

    You should be really proud of what you have achieved. Seriously, Food Network worthy.

    Alexis|| https://lidsandtricks.com/

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    • June 10, 2017 / 6:25 pm

      Thank you so much!

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